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Submit Your Application Here: 


Application Criteria: 

1. Complete and submit the application by the deadline.  

2. Submit a short, no longer than 3 minute video sharing a bit about yourself, your professional designation and educational background, the reason you decided to make this your career choice and your vision and goals for your business. 

3. Must be a practitioner or coach with the ability to work with clients or patients (no previous client experience is required). 

4. Must have or acquire liability insurance in order to responsibly run your business online. 

5. Be fully committed to the 6 month program and ready to start within the next 10-30 days 

6. Have available funds in the amount of $350 USD/month to support the ongoing costs of running an online business (these are not included in the scholarship amount). 

7. Commit to following the program as prescribed and submitting the specific component parts on time based on the deadlines provided. 

Terms and Conditions: 

The scholarship winners are required to invest in Active Campaign and ClickFunnels platforms as part of the 10K Success System program (unless they decline the done-for-you tech setup). 

The cost of these platforms are not included in the scholarship. It is the scholarship winners responsibility to invest in these platforms in order to complete the 10K Success System successfully.  

In addition, the 10K Success System program strongly recommends the use of Facebooks ads therefore the applicant should have available funds to spend a minimum of $5/day. 

There are a specific number of component parts included in the 10K Success System each of which correspond to specific submission deadlines. Failing to submit the required component work by the deadline will result in the scholarship being revoked. 

The 10K Success System Scholarship, sponsored by The Wellness Business Hub and valued at $11,992 is available to any practitioner or coach who is serious and committed to starting and growing their business online who is unable to provide the program investment.

There are TWO scholarship spots available. 

Scholarship winners will be selected and notified via email and must be ready to begin the 10K Success System within 14 business days after being notified.